Elani Mia is a Tampa-based multimedia artist who specializes in printmaking, digital art, and collage. She aspires to become a household name in the art world. She enjoys evoking emotion and thought of both the art enthusiast and average fan alike. Mia's most recent works focuses heavily on fusing bright colors with elegant imagery, inspired by love for high-fashion couture to create kaleidoscopic tapestries.

She's currently enrolled in Hillsborough Community College majoring in Fine Arts with an emphasis on printmaking. At only 21, she's developed quite a portfolio for herself including an internship at the Graphic Studio of University of South Florida. After moving to New York for a while, Mia has come back to Tampa with a renewed energy to make a name for herself in the local arts scene, and greater artworks. She's been showcased in galleries around the city, including showcases at the HCC Student galley and DRIP Ybor. Be on the lookout for this rising talent, Elani Mia is the future.

1. Chrome Love (2020) digital print 2. Loud (2020) digital print 3. Backstage (2020) digital print 4. Sliver Lining (2020) digital print 5. Pink (2020) digital print 6. Hometown (2020) digital print 7. The Menu (2020) digital print 8.Fragile (2020) digital print 9. Taste (2020) digital print 10. Editorial (2020) digital print 11. Skateboards (2020) skateboards with lacquer thinner 12. The Only Muse (2020) Oil on wood/collage 13. Loaded Issue (2020) rice paper with lacquer thinner 14. Untitled (2019) graphite and oil 15. Saturated (2019) Monotype 16. Red (2019) Monotype